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Privacy & Policies

  • Psychotherapy is defined as "privileged communication" and strictly protected by State and Federal law.  What you tell a psychologist is confidential.
  • I go beyond the standard, mandated requirements to protect your privacy as fully as possible.  For example,

    • I do my own paperwork, so you don't have to worry about clerks or billing agencies violating your privacy.

    • I do not offer group therapy, in part because other group members cannot be held to the same strict standards of confidentiality that psychologists maintain.

    • My office is discretely located, and I schedule appointments so you won't be waiting with others (as often occurs in clinics and other medical offices).
  • There are a few, limited exceptions to confidentiality under the law

    • Therapists are required by law to disclose child- or elder-abuse to a protective agency.

    • If you are an imminent threat to the life of an identifiable victim, I am required to take steps to protect that person (e.g., to inform him or her they're in mortal danger).

    • If you are trying to kill yourself, or are so gravely disabled that you are grossly unable to care for yourself, I am permitted (although not necessarily required) to take steps to protect your safety.

    • If you ask me convey information to third parties (e.g., another doctor or an insurance company), or include your psychological treatment in a legal proceeding, then I will respect your request to release your information.  Similarly, if you do not pay for services rendered, I may be forced to rely on a collection agency as a last resort. Those disclosures are under your control, and I cannot determine what third parties might subsequently do with the information you require me to share with them.


    I'll be glad to discuss confidentiality and exceptions with you, and describe how to maximally protect your privacy.  Please ask if you have questions or concerns.


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